Online site rendering different than localhost

Hi, I am new to using hugo and I have been trying to create a new site for a discipline. The website is not rending in the same way in the locahost and in the online github page, as in the onine version it seens to be simpler. Thhis happens everytime I modify a .md file in the repository.
This is the repository: GitHub - metaBIOlab/IFA736: IFA736 - Tópicos em Biofísica - Métodos matemáticos em biologia teórica - Período: 2023-1
I’d already verified if the baseURL is equal to the current github page path.

Do you have any tipos on how to overcome this? Attached are pictures of the local version.

Looks no different, perhaps a cache issue :confused:

Thank you for your response. I changed the baseIRL to “/“ and it is working fine by far.