The page you're looking for doesn't exist...Why?


I am trying to use FixIt theme, but when I build the site I get an error that the the Posts section/page does not exist. This should not happen because in the exampleSite of this theme the author has made other custom sections as well.

It is this in the hugo.toml file:

    identifier = "posts"
    name = "Posts"
    url = "/posts/"
    weight = 1

Copied exactly from the theme config yet running into issues. Although, it was working this morning and suddenly did not. I tried creating a new site as well with the theme but still does not work so im not sure what to do.

Thank you for the help I appreciate it. I tried getting into contact with the theme owners but it looks like they take a while to respond and I need to get this solved.

Please post a link to your site repository, otherwise we can’t help you.


Thank you for your response I got it solved. Your comment made me check a copy of my current repository against the a newly created one and I eventually found the issue :slight_smile:

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Great to know!

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