Let's Improve Hugo Docs on DocsThursday

Hey Everyone,

Today I announced a new “party”/campaign/hackathon/whatever you want to call it called DocsThursday today. Here’s my announcement tweet.

Basically, for those of us who are fairly busy or distracted, I’m sure many would love to contribute to open source documentation, such as Hugo’s Docs!, but don’t remember to or dedicate a bit of time. I’m hoping DocsThursday helps us do so.

DocsThursday is an in-person and online event to create and contribute to open source documentation on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

You can read my full blog post introducing DocsThursday on my website and visit the DocsThursday website at DocsThursday.com.

Both my personal website and the DocsThursday website btw are built with Hugo. :sunglasses:

Two last notes.

  1. I will be contributing to the Hugo Docs for the very first DocsThursday on February 21st. Feel free to join me in NYC if you are close, on here, or maybe we can setup a group chat on Discord, Telegram, or something.
  2. I would love if Bep and the others in charge of Hugo docs would have the Hugo Docs be featured on the DocsThursday website. I believe the only requirement not currently met is having the Docs built/tested on CI. So far I’ve gotten CircleCI and GitLab to join.


I made another Hugo-based website (DocsThursday.com) and I want to work on improving the Hugo docs with you all on February 21st and future DocsThursdays.