Tags resorting to _default list

I’m grabbing my site tags and using them as Taxonomies, the issue is I’m overriding my content with a list view, when I “show tags” it defaults to my _default list and I want it to point to the current content list.

Any way to force tags to use the current list?

  {{- range $key, $value := .Site.Taxonomies }}
        {{- if gt $value 0 }}
                {{- $slicedTags := ($value.ByCount | first 10) }}
                    {{- range $slicedTags }}
                            <a href='{{ absLangURL $key }}/{{ (replace .Name "#" "%23") | urlize }}/#anchor'


Please put your repo online so we can see what exactly is happening. This is way more complicated than a range and a screenshot of your folders :slight_smile:

It looks like VS Code, so I am pretty sure there is a plugin that creates a proper file tree with some clicks.

There are layouts for specific taxonomies. You might just have to create it’s own dedicated layout files.

I have a current list under somelist/list.html this points to my site www.mysite.com/somelist with the current taxinomy it points the browser www.mysite.com/tags/clicked-on-tag Is there anyway to force it to do mysite.com/somelist/clicked-on-tag?