Curated set of tags?

i have a taxonomy using tags.
in my sidebar i have a tag cloud.
I’m looking for a way to draw attention to my more recent, better written articles and away from the old stuff.
Is it possible to manually configure a set of tags and then reference those in the template? (so i could show those tops separately on top)
or perhaps to order tags by recency of content seen with said tag?


So I got it pretty much working, in a bit of an ugly and manually maintained way, like so:

   {{ $baseurl := .Site.BaseUrl }}
{{ $tax :=  .Site.Taxonomies}}

<h1 class="widget-title">Popular tags</h1>
<a href="{{$baseurl}}tags/monitoring">monitoring</a>
{{ $tax.tags.Count "monitoring" }}
<a href="{{$baseurl}}tags/devops">devops</a>
{{ $tax.tags.Count "devops" }}

<h1 class="widget-title">Other tags</h1>  
{{ range $name, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies.tags }}
    {{ if or (eq $name "devops") (eq $name "monitoring") }}
        <a href="{{$baseurl}}tags/{{ $name | urlize }}">{{ $name }}</a>
        {{ $tax.tags.Count $name }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

of course this could be cleaner if i could drive this via an option in the config or something…