tags, categories page modification

Hey Guys,

Been using hugo for around 5 months now and just got an SEO company to help us gain a few rankings. thankfully theyre only advising and I am doing all their recommended changes.

They have flagged up heading and meta issues on tags and categories pages. There is also an additional page which I have showing our staff members (lets call it /staff/)

now tags and categories load absolutely nothing but /staff/ loads the child posts, with broken images which I think I need to just link up properly.

How do I go about editing these pages, adding content etc. Do I need to manually creates a /tags/_index.html (etc) where I can then set Meta and content above the lists, or is there a better way to do this?


Yes, you do.

I think this is easier to control if all of your page templates (e.g. _default/list.html) uses a common structure (e.g. the same baseof.html) – which would make sure that every page gets the basic setu – e.g. see

Then you can control additional SEO metadata from content files (e.g. by adding kewords to /tags/_index.md front matter).