Tags and spaces

I’m building a site. This is an example page https://festive-bohr-4ac225.netlify.com/ricette/utilities/csv_popolazione_reisidenteistat/

In the top I have content tags


When a tag has a space, it’s not rendered. In the webpage above I have the riga di comando tag and it’s not rendered. The raw content page is this one https://raw.githubusercontent.com/opendatasicilia/tansignari-md/master/content/it/ricette/Utilities/csv_popolazione_reisidenteISTAT.md

This is the partial I use for rendering them https://github.com/opendatasicilia/tansignari-md/blob/master/layouts/partials/tags.html

How to render tags that have spaces?

Thank you

You are using urlize, which converts spaces to hyphens. I would suggest not using urlize.

Docs: https://gohugo.io/functions/urlize/


{{ with $.Site.GetPage (printf "/%s/%s" $taxonomy $tag) -}}
  <li class="horizontal">
    <a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ $tag | urlize }}</a>
{{- end -}}

You probably need to urlize the first $tag call (for .GetPage)

{{ with $.Site.GetPage (printf "/%s/%s" $taxonomy (urlize $tag)) -}}

See example here: https://gohugo.io/templates/taxonomy-templates/#example-list-tags-in-a-single-page-template

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I have removed, but it has no sense. urlize removes the spaces, but my problem is not to have hello-world, my problem is that hello world is not rendered.

Thank you

Yes, I realised that belatedly. Please see my edited response.

This is because you are trying to $.Site.GetPage "tags/tag with space" instead of tags/tag-with-space, which is probably what is actually there.

Thank you for all @pointyfar!!

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