Table of contents for org-mode is empty

I would love to use org-mode to write my webpages but table of contents is empty. This is not the case if I use markdown.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your time

I think you will get faster response if you post your question here:

Thanks I posted it here.

Another approach is that you use the ox-hugo Emacs package (shameless plug).

You write posts in natural Org mode as usual, even with each post being just a different subtree instead of a different file. ox-hugo then exports that to Hugo/Blackfriday compatible Markdown with front-matter.

With auto-save hook, each file save will auto-export the current post to Markdown. So when it comes to publishing the blog, you just commit the Markdown files created in the content/ directory and have Netlify/Gitlab CI/etc. take care of the rest.

As the org-mode is backed by a Black friday renderer, the plan is to unify this ToC when we move to Blackfriday v2. But there are work …

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