Summary truncates post even without a divider

Continuing the discussion from Summary strips all html tags, regardless of length:

Has the previous <!--more--> summary divider behaviour been reverted?

Now, if I have a template that makes use of .Summary, and a post without the summary divider, the post is still split at around the 70-90 word point.

But then there’s no mention of this in the Content Summaries documentation.

It would be really nice if a divider-less post were presented in its entirety.

I’m testing with the blank hugo theme, although it’s been the same with other themes.

v0.40.1 darwin/amd64

There is always … .Content?

…And I just realised I misunderstood the original discussion and answer.

I see now that if the <!--more--> summary divider is placed at the very end of a long post, then the entirety of the post is displayed.

But it still raises a couple of thoughts:

  • This usage should be documented on the Content Summaries page.
  • It works, but it feels wrong to use this particular pseudo-element. Wouldn’t a differently named element get across this particular usage better? <!--complete-->, for example.

<!--more--> is not meant to be used for complete posts thus it’s against it’s meaning/use to rename it. Also if I understand the base discussion correctly the issue was that the creator of the topic sometimes publishes posts which are very short so he needs to add this tag in order to force hugo to not strip the html out of the post, rendering all links unclickable without clicking on the post which is more work for the user since the complete post lives in the summary.
If <!--more--> is present, then .Summary gets set to the text content until the tag is encountered, otherwise hugo uses the first 70 words. All usage is documented so I think there’s no need to further document something. Feel free to correct me if I should be wrong.

Or <!--more--> could arbitrarily be used to show longer, complete posts in amongst standard summary posts.

I’m not suggesting renaming the pseudo-element, but that an additional variation be added.

Right now, adding <!--more--> to the end of a long post show it all, HTML included, but it feels wrong to be using the summary divider in this way. It’s definitely not documented on that page, and if it’s not documented then can it be assumed that particular usage won’t ever break?

As a side note, the automatic cut off isn’t fixed at 70 words, I’ve counted up to 88.