“Read more” for {{ .Content }}

Is there a “read more” for {{ .Content }}? That is, a way to “break” a long post (without using {{ .Summary }}).

You can mark a summary paragraph (the first) in your content with the more tag. Then, .Summary contains this paragraph and we can use it in a list template. When we range through the pages there, we can add a ‘Read more’ link after this .Summary.

I know I can use {{ .Sumary }}. I am asking if it is possible without using it. For example, on Jekyll, one can do:

    {% if post.content contains "<!-- more -->" -%}
    {{ post.content | split:"<!-- more -->" | first }}
    <div class="more">
      <a href="{{ post.url }}#more”>Read more...</a>
    {% else -%}
    {{ post.content }}
    {% endif -%}

Can that be done in Hugo?

I haven’t tried, but you would need to apply the manual split on .RawContent. I would rather not go down this path.

Found a way to do what I was looking for. For anyone that is the “same boat”, I found this on this site[0]:

{{ $parts := split .Content "<!-- readmore -->" }}
{{ $summary := index $parts 0 }}
{{ $summaryHTML := safeHTML $summary }}

{{ if eq $summaryHTML .Content }}
    {{ .Content }}
{{ else }}
    {{ $summaryHTML }}
    <a href="{{ .Permalink }}”>Read more...</a>
{{ end }}

[0] How to show the full post unless there’s a user defined summary in Hugo · Elliot Jackson

@Fastidious - I think you are looking for .Truncated

For example:

{{ .Summary }}
{{ if .Truncated }}
<div class="read-more-link">
    <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">Read More…</a>
{{ end }}

this is code from https://github.com/lukeorth/poison/blob/9348267ecf29174cd4f2e5a5ba9eeb9d06edadec/layouts/index.html#L6

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No, I want {{ .Content }}, not {{ .Summary }}. The first is rich (all HTML and markdown glory), the second isn’t. Just as the original author, I want to randomly split {{ .Content }}, like so:

title: "Example title"
date: 2017-08-09T12:45:27+02:00
categories: [Hugo]

This is the first paragraph in the post. It will be shown on the home page as it's before the summary separator.

<!-- readmore -->

On the homepage, this content won't be shown as it's after the summary separator.

With that snippet, I can.

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