Stucked to home directory on Ubuntu snap intallation

For several reasons I do not want to create the hugo site within my home directory on my Ubuntu computer (hugo new site test works).

During my Ubuntu installation I integrated two hard disks to /data1 and /data2 on my machine. Usually I don’t have any trouble with accessing this disks. mkdir /data2/test simply works as expected and is creating a folder. But the command hugo new site /data2/test test does not work. It complains Error: Failed to create dir: mkdir /data2: read-only file system.

I tryed sveral things: First I moved the folder
/data2/test$ hugo gives:

Error: Unable to locate Config file. Perhaps you need to create a new site.
Run hugo help new for details. (Config File “config” Not Found in “[/var/lib/snapd/void]”)

After I symlinked the folder to the home directory I get the same error.

Also granting write permissions to the others group, givesme the read-only file system error. I also added rw to my fstab, but it did not help either.

What’s wrong?

I installed hugo via snap on ubuntu (v0.30.2, revison 874)

sorry, I found the reason by myself:

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