Stuck Using the QuickStart Guide


My apologies if this has been addressed before, but I’m encountering some errors when I try to run the current Hugo quickstart guide (

If anyone can assist me with the issues I’ve encountered below, I wold be extremely grateful, as I am trying to learn this as my employer gets ready to move into a more static site generator driven world.


My issues

Step 8

  • Had to add:

to the new li.html inside the bookshelf/layouts/_default directory to get both images to appear as in the example.

Using the example did not render anything similar to the tutorial.

  • Did not see (or find) a "layouts/partials/default_foot.html"fle for the robust theme, so footer changes I created(made) did not match the tutorial

  • There’s no “index.html” in the robust directory, so I couldn’t remove the sidebar.

  • Added an image per direction, but the update didn’t show.

Step 12

  • Keep getting "fatal:unable to auto-detect email address: error when trying to “fatal: the current branch gh-pages has no upstream branch” errors when trying to commit changes

  • Keep getting “fatal error: src refspec ghpages does not match any.” and "fatal error: failed to push some refs to '

@KennethDillard Some of the errors you are getting seem to be git related. Can you point me to a hosted git repository so that I can reproduce this locally?

I hope this is what you mean:

This repository is empty. Please try pushing code up and then LMK and I can take a look…

I think I have the code pushed properly, now.

This seems like it has to do with your git configuration on your machine. My guess is that you don’t have this machine set up locally for Git? It says you do not have an upstream branch. Are you using two-factor authentication in your GitHub account? If so, you can’t do pushes, etc using HTTPS (I think) and will instead have to set up credentials with SSH. This SE thread may help you:

This is just spitballing, but it looks like you forgot a hyphen in your branch (i.e. gh-pages vs ghpages). :wink:

That’s okay. There is a lookup order to the way Hugo looks for templates. If Hugo doesn’t find an index.html, it will go to the default list.html template instead…

As an FYI, @KennethDillard, you might be better off just downloading another theme and noting the directions in the theme’s specific instructions on while our team works on creating new documentation and a much-needed update for the QuickStart.

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Thanks Ryan. I’m going to take your suggestion and pick another theme and play around.

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@rdwatters - Just wanted to say thanks, and to let you know that I tried another theme ans was able to successfully create a page and add an image.

I’ll start moving ahead with next steps, but I feel really good that I was able to get a dummy site built, and includes images and markdown language in a post.