Static directory assets not displayed on github pages

I am using Github to host a small blog with Hugo. I have some audio and video files that I would like to embed into a post. I have stored the audio under static/audio/albumname/filename and the video under `static/video/filename’. However, when I push the repo to GitHub, the files are not being found, and I get an empty video/audio player.

I was wondering if I am missing something because I am hosting everything on github. I know that, files in the static directory are being copied into the public directory when the page is being built. But I do not understand if hosting everything via github adds any idiosyncrasies that prevent the files from being found/displayed.

Addendum: I discovered the cause of the error. Github pages does not include the repo name for the project for assets in the static folder (i.e. a video that should be referenced as get the link: ) nd hence produces a 404 error. The appears to be true for all types of media.

Temporary Solution: The problem can be circumvented by adding the missing repo name in the markdown files (i.e. {{< video src="/repo_name/video/weights.mp4"autoplay="true" loop="true" >}} instead of {{< video src="/video/weights.mp4"autoplay="true" loop="true" >}}. This will break the display of the assets with hugo server but it will allow correct deployment on github pages.

You’ll need to use relURL or absURL function to generate URLs relative to baseURL on your custom video shortcode.

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