Started to Increase coverage in Helpers

Hello nice people of Hugo.

I started to learn Hugo, in order to be able to contribute. In following the suggestion that tests should be added first, and because I think writing tests makes you understand the framework, I started to add tests to the Helpers package since coverage is pretty low there.

I’m using => go test -coverprofile=cover.out and then go tool cover -html=cover.out in order to detect where I can increase coverage and what tests are missing.

I added my first test example, though it’s not testing the actual configuration yet, it’s only testing if a set flag is truly set or not.

I will write again, once I finish getting it close to a 100%. :wink:

I’m looking forward to become an active contributor to Hugo, I love it very much, both of my sites is running with Hugo.

Here is the link to my first commit ->

I also run fmt and lint on content.go.

I appreciate any help, or suggestions as I go on about contributing or, the tests I’ll write!

Thank you!


Looks like a good start. I commented on your commit in Github.

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Thank you for the review! I know now that it is a good direction. :slight_smile: I shall continue onward. :slight_smile:

I would recommend that you always create a separate branch in your git repo for your changes. Here’s my normal workflow when working in my own git repo:

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b myfeature
# make changes...
git commit -a -v
git push --set-upstream origin myfeature
# now you're ready to make a PR

This normally requires using govers to rewrite import paths. You can avoid that by adding your fork as a git-remote in sp13/hugo.

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Sure, I usually do that. :slight_smile: But this time… I just… did not. I have no excuses. :slight_smile:

I shall add it presently. Thanks!

EDIT: Done. Change is now on a different branch. Thanks for reminding me. :+1:

GetHTMLRenderer has not a 100% coverage. Though if ANYBODY has a better way of covering this part ->

if b && !ctx.getConfig().PlainIDAnchors {
	renderParameters.FootnoteAnchorPrefix = ctx.DocumentID + ":" + renderParameters.FootnoteAnchorPrefix
	renderParameters.HeaderIDSuffix = ":" + ctx.DocumentID

I’ll be happy. Right now, I’m testing this with sort of reflection.

Link to the relevant commit ->

Turning the output into actual textual output since I couldn’t find anything in blackfriday which would help me out in rendering the renderer and seeing the parameters applied. I was able to do a partial check with blackfriday.Markdown but wasn’t working either.

So if anybody has a brighter idea here PLEASE share, so I can learn.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Found in content_test_renderer -> renderWithMmark

Will amend the test to use that. Nice. As I read, I knew there must have been something to test the renderer. :slight_smile:

Finally dawned on me how to use the renderer. Now I can test it better while I’m using the renderer to test actual rendered content properly. Good stuff.

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