Pull request for helpers package Test increase

Hi folks.

I’ve been working on this baby, for a couple of days now => https://github.com/Skarlso/hugo/blob/helpertests/helpers/content_test.go

I fixed a few other things along the way as well and would like to have a review of it.

Relevant changes are this file, and content.go where I removed an unused function before, which was an issue that was closed.

Only two left now -> RemoveSummaryDivider, and TruncateWords which are quiet small.

And a few error cases from the last two which I will add once somebody said okay to stuff I wrote so far.

Also, of course, I’m going to squash all my commits to one. :slight_smile:


Create a PR here: https://github.com/spf13/hugo/pulls

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All checks are passing, but the problem is that it’s 25 commits… With merges and updates. It’s a bit difficult to squash them.

Thank you for the review Bjørn! Much appreciated.