Standardized method for page authors

I’ve looked through a few threads, but am wondering if there’s been a consensus on the best way to handle multiple authors - in such a way that each author will have it’s own list pages that will display associated metadata (bio, photo, social links, etc.) and all posts made by the author?

Thanks for you help!

use a frontmatter param

authors =["me", "you"]

define it in the config file

    author                    = "authors"

    authors                  = "/authors/:slug/"

make a section for authors and setup files for everyone

/config/author   (different to authors)

With this page bundles you can store images etc …

use a correct spelling to generate the right references


Perfect :ok_hand: Thanks for your help!


As you are asking for a standardised method: Check out this page. It is obviously a working draft, but very interesting.

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best to change it to


  • config was wrong
  • author can collide with named templates, so change it to person (or anything else)

Is this functional yet?

Sorry. I have not tried, yet. I suspect it should work because of this comment in the YAML part where only the “documentation” is mentioned:

Before this page is published, need to also update both site- and page-level variables documentation.