Speed Test: Hugo on Apple M1

I got myself a new Apple Mac Mini M1 for Christmas, and wrote a little about its speed. It is a small but very impressive little beast.


Nice, I plan to get one soon as well. This is already impressive yet there’s rumors that before 2021 is over there will be an M1x processor that blow this out of the water.

I can’t wait for Go v1.16! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::apple:

p.s. I don’t even like Apple, I’m a Linux user all the way. This new processor is very exciting though.

I suspect there are many people buying the new M1 Air and put a Linux on it.

Definitely, unfortunately there’s quite a lot of work to do on the Linux side. However I read about a project that is crowd funding the development work for it :slight_smile:

Linus Torvalds on M1

The main problem with the M1 for me is the GPU and other devices around it, because that’s likely what would hold me off using it because it wouldn’t have any Linux support unless Apple opens up… [that] seems unlikely, but hey, you can always hope.


Impossible at the moment but there’s a big name hacker (the one who put Linux on the PS4) who started a campaign to port Linux for the M1. So I’ll definitely keep my eye on that. I also want it to I can have a device that can install Xcode so I can actually produce iOS applications.

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