Specify which data from a JSON file will be displayed using shortcodes

I have a JSOn file with some words and definitions.

I want to call a certain section of it into my website.

So for example if I write

{{ Dictionary word=“Apple”}}

It would go through the JSON file, find Apple and display its definition.

{{ range $.Site.Data.Dictionary}}
	{{ if eq $word .word }}
		{{ .word} - {{ .definition}} 


This is what I tried but said the word is an undefined variable.

Edit: I did it. Yay. Using the index function.

Is the $word variable defined outside the range? It’s not included here so it’s hard to understand what might be causing the problem. undefined errors, however, are classically JavaScript. If it were a Hugo error it would likely be a nil error so you may want to run your JSON file through a validator to ensure it’s well formed or try porting it over to TOML or YAML instead.

Then use template debugging to pinpoint any template issues:

{{ printf "%#v" $word }}

I am new to Hugo. How do I define the variable or parameter?

Doesn’t feel like you’re calling this shortcode correctly. Perhaps {{< dictionary word="Apple" >}}. Per @jhabdas’s comment, can you possibly share your source and the .json file?

Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18Q9UPPvsDGSpaNvc8-DQE7IWPpNRaIrA

Guys I did it I think using the index function. Sorry for all the trouble I caused. It works I just need to wait and see if any problems arise.

{{ $word := .Get “word” }}
{{ $data := .Site.Data.dictionary }}
{{ (index $data .Params.word).word }} - {{ (index $data .Params.word).definition }}

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