Calling a data file (JSON) whenever I want to and however I want to

1st question.
I have a JSON file with some words and their definitions. I put them in a data folder and I want to display them in my posts whenever I want to. Currently I have called the data through:

{{ range .Site.Data.terminology }}
	{{.name}} - {{.definition}} 

But this just puts the words and their definitions in every post I make. I want to go into my .md file and say “ok I want these words displayed” instead of having them on all websites. How do I do this?

2nd question.
Also is there a way to control how many are display at a time?

{{ range first 5 .Site.Data.terminology }}

I was thinking about something like this. Except instead of the first 5 I want to pick a couple of the words from the terminology.json file.

3rd question-ish
I don’t understand what a Param is and how they are used. If I have to use these in pulling my words from the json file how do I do that and what does it exactly do?

Guys, I created a short code that calls the info from the JSON file whenever I want to, but I can’t use the first or last function to control how many or what types of words I want to be displayed. I get an error saying : can’t iterate over map[string]interface {}

Hi there,

Do you have a repo by any chance ?

Can we see the shortcode full code to understand how your use parameters etc…

I’m having problems uploading to Github.

I have a Drive link though: