Spanish Characters in md content

Hi everybody,

I’m creating a site in spanish language, and I’m having problems with the special characters, I need to use ñ, á, é, ó… etc, in chrome everything is perfect, but in safari and firefox things are a bit strange, I’m starting to have font replacements and weird spaces in place of the special characters, for information I’m using webfonts as well.

After doing several tests I found that when I write the special character in the markdown document as html, for example instead of “ñ” I write “ñ” it works perfect in all browsers.

Is there a way that hugo process the markdown special characters and parse them in html? I’m missing something in the configuration?

Thanks in advance

Does your font have spanish character or UTF8 support in general? This could be one problem why it doesn’t work without entity. Also, is your html charset set to UTF8?

Please check both, maybe it works then without replacement. Otherwise I don’t know about anything special to do. It’s advised to include a link to a github repo for question so we can see your config, content etc. If you don’t want this, you can also include the relevant code files directly in your post

Thank you for your response, Yes my charset is UTF8 and the fonts have the special characters. I think I found the problem, I was copying and pasting the text from a pdf document, and it seems that it messed all the special characters, I started to rewriting all the special characters directly on the md file via the netlify cms, very painful but I’m relief to found the problem, not sure why copying text from a pdf does that…

Sorry for posting here, at the end it was a silly problem. Thanks for the support.