Sorting a JSON from .Data

I have a JSON that I want to iterate on to generate content. The problem is that it has to be in the same order than in the JSON, but by default is putting them in alphabetical order. Is there a way of turning that off?

So after not achieving my original idea I added a new key in the JSON file for each element that I wanted to iterate through, so I could use that (is a integer) to sort the JSON in the order that I want it, but run into a wall again not achieving that either.

I found Sort json by value that has a very similar problem that could have fixed mine, but since 2017 he had no answer.

Any idea on how to preserve the original order of a JSON file when iterating through it or how to sort based on one of the keys?

Thank you.

Can you share your json file, and the template code you’re using to sort it currently?

      "autoconocimiento": {
        "key": "autoconocimiento",
        "fullName": "Autoconocimiento",
        "color": "#77a6bb",
        "start": 0
      "diversidad": {
        "key": "diversidad",
        "fullName": "Diversidad",
        "color": "#ffa962",
        "start": 32
      "afectividad": {
        "key": "afectividad",
        "fullName": "Afectividad",
        "color": "#b2c280",
        "start": 43
      "salud": {
        "key": "salud",
        "fullName": "Salud",
        "color": "#c86683",
        "start": 50

So I just found an answer, I didn’t wrote the sort syntax properly (ups).
{{ range sort .Site.Data.chapters "start" "asc"}}

Thanks any ways