Sort json by value


I have got a JSON file and I include it as a data file. The structure of the JSON file is

        "title" : "a string",
        "issued" : {
            "date-parts" : [ 2016 ]

So I have got a list of such objects, and I would like to sort the objects first by the list of date-parts and than by title.
I’m using range to iterate over all objects but I try to add the sort functionality in that case, that I concat all date-parts element to a string and after that I put the title string at the end:

 {{ delimit (slice (delimit (index (index .issued "date-parts") 0) "") .title) "" }}

but how can I use this string for sorting, so I need to put the delimit call into the range sort function:

{{ range sort "delimit ..." "desc" }} 

My goal is a descening sorting on the date-part elements first and after that on the title.

Thanks for help