Sort JSON data field by month year

I am trying to sort a json field from which is in the format of month, year - April, 2016, when I do

    {{ range sort . "from" "desc" }}
            <td>{{.from}} - {{.to}}</td>
                <p>{{if .company }}{{.company}},{{end}} {{.where}}</p>
    {{ end }}

It is sorted alphabetically.

{{ range sort . (dateFormat "January, 2006" "from") "desc" }} doing something like this is giving me error.

How should I use dateFormat in this case and then sort it?

This might have a hint:

Besides that, it’s come up before about passing the wrong type of data to a given function. Like expecting a date to be sortable by these sorts of functions but, actually passing them a string that they can’t parse.