Some trubles about multilingual mode(404, seo)

Recently I have migrated my blog to multilingual mode(korean/english/japanese):

But there are some issues. If you have a solution or idea, please feel free to talk anything.


404 pages are generated to each languages, for example,,, and It’s great but global base URL is not generated.

Maybe these trick(404.html under static folder) or manual 404.html generating solve the problem, but then each language’s 404.html are ignored, so that I must prepare multilingual 404 page. I guess it’s not good choice for URL correction or user experience.


(I solved this problem while write this post :joy:)
Favicon is not shown, because all favicon.ico file also generated in specific language site.
Just fix it in your head.html part by…

<link rel="icon" href="">


<link rel="icon" href="">


Yes, It’s not about hugo and I know it. But my blog is totally not shown in google search result now. Is there any good strategy to redirect? 404 is already failed due to first 404 issue :unamused:

Thank you for attention! Any comment will be helpful to me!

You need to add your site to Google Search Console.

Thank you for answer but not much related. Of course I have submitted sitemaps and other things, my question is, how to migrate the trafic from before.

ps) If you are anyone reading this post in future, you should check sitemap of your google search console, indeed, since the directory of sitemap will be changed.