Some newbie question

Sorry, I’m very newbie…

1)How can add “read more” in the main page under each post (a full post is very ugly, i need only 10 lines and after un read more that is linked to the full post)

2)Is there somewhere a “newbie” tutorial about how to make a theme?

3)How to add a Discuss under every post?
thanks and sorry, but I come from wordpress and ghost, and I need some help.

The docs have answers to all of your 3 questions:

1)Discuss ok!

2)I have tried to add
<!–more-- >
to truncate the post but nothing…
I have also add
Truncated = true
but nothing

Have you tried the link I posted? It even has a search function powered by Google. I just typed in “truncate” and was shown the answer to your 1). Wonder what a search for “theme” would give … Oh, a tutorial about how to create a theme.

update the questions… I have add what the tutorial says but nothing about truncated problem

Be sure to put <!--more--> in exactly as shown. Your example above has a space.

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Ok! Solved… I’ll write a post in my blog (italian language) about hugo.

I have modified the theme, add discuss…
thx everyone