(Solved) What is this? Looks like an alternative way to insert an image

It’s not a secret that I’ve learned a lot of things about Hugo, through looking at other people’s repositories.

Just now, I’ve come across the following inside someone else’s content file:

![Photo of someone class=full](/images/1.jpg)

Initially I thought this is some kind of a shortcode (even though the syntax seems different) but there was no corresponding shortcode under /layouts/shortcodes/.

Then I tested it in one of my own projects and lo and behold I get an image rendered.

<img src="/images/1.jpg" alt="Photo of someone" class="full">

Is this another way to call Hugo’s in-built image shortcode? Is there documentation for this? Can it be customized? Are there any benefits compared to using the well know shortcode syntax?

Just found out that this is the markdown way of inserting an image. Guess I need to look at markdown syntax more.

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Seems like you’ve already got this figured out, but this is what I usually recommend to my colleagues:


More specifically, Hugo uses a Markdown renderer called Blackfriday. You’ll want to check that out to see what Hugo’s capable off Markdown-wise.

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