[solved] Uninstall Hugo and install the extended version

I want to use sass in my hugo’s project and my terminal send me an error:
Check your Hugo installation; you need the extended version to build SCSS/SASS

I had installed hugo with chocolatey and i had tried to remove hugo and to install hugo-extended but the error allways appear.

if y remove hugo and hugo-extended, i can see the hugo version…
How can i remove totaly hugo and re-install the extended version?

Solution: I have remove the hugo.exe from the system32 folder and i have download the binary of the extended version and past it to the system32 folder.

FYI Chocolatey doesn’t install in system32 so you (or someone else) must have put a different version than the chocolatey version in there.

If you remove the system32 version and do choco install hugo-extended, then the extended Hugo ought to be in your usual Chocolatey PATH (usually C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin\hugo.exe).

But it’s probably a good idea to figure out who or what put hugo in system32 in the first place.

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