[Solved] Prepare pages failed: ["html/template: cannot Parse after Execute"]


Thanks for the v0.38.1 update.
When i use contentDir for each language, and do some changes on the .md files, the site rebuild doesn’t work and i need to run again hugo server. The error is bellow.

Change detected, rebuilding site
2018-04-06 16:32:12.517 +0300
Source changed ".../landings/content_es/fto/content1.md": WRITE
Total in 2 ms
ERROR 2018/04/06 16:32:12 Failed to rebuild site: Prepare pages failed: ["html/template: cannot Parse after Execute"]

I have a test repo prepared, but the crazy thing is i have the same issue but no error message on the test repo.
Just try to change something in “content_de/invoices/… any .md file”.

Thank you for the awesome work & support!

Does anyone else have this issue?
Feedback will be most welcome.

I can’t reproduce the error with the provided test site.

@moorereason thank you for your answer.

When you edit hugo-test/content_de/invoices/content1.md you don’t need to run hugo server to see the changes?


This is really weird. How can i debug it?
The site was generated with an older version of hugo, not sure if that means anything.

Thanks for the additional info. I can’t reproduce the “cannot Parse on Execute”, but I can reproduce one issue: updates are not being rendered in the browser (even with a single language defined). @bep, can you also reproduce? This looks like a bug, but maybe I’m missing something.

@moorereason on the test repo if fails silent (no message, it just doesn’t rebuild), i have a production repo where the same thing fails with that message

May be related to this: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/4607

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Fixed in v0.39. Thank you