Anything to config in order to benefit from new error in 0.99.0?

I’m struggling getting the new “error templates” in Hugo 0.99.0
I just upgraded to 99.0 (hugo v0.99.0-1de333e7a3fc863672ec6d6cd53ba66dbcdd2305+extended darwin/amd64 ) and modified the code to trigger an error, but I get a very basic message:

BuildDate=2022-05-16T08:10:56Z VendorInfo=gohugoio
ERROR 2022/05/16 13:09:19 Rebuild failed: failed to render pages: render of "home" failed: "/Users/regisphilibert/Boulot/tnd/cc-bookshop-test/layouts/index.html:11:16": execute of template failed at <.RelPermalinkX>: can’t evaluate field RelPermalinkX in type page.Page

Something I’m missing probably…

So, the new “error template” is in the browser only (thought about adding more bling to the console, but decided I would not like that). But the console do benefit from much more precise info (and in many cases the entire stack of files).


Oh I see! Awesome thanks!

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