[Solved] Podcast Feed not being built

I’m working on a new Hugo theme, and I’m having trouble building a customised RSS feed.

The project is on github, and my attempt at a custom podcast is here.

At the moment, I can’t see any evidence that the file is being built. If I build the site (just running Hugo -v) the output to /sermons/index.xml is the standard Hugo RSS feed. Nothing is created at /sermons/sermon.rss.xml.

I’m guessing the problem has something to do with template lookup order, but it’s got me beat!

Change https://github.com/funkydan2/alpha-church/blob/632572227cda0f3f0ec7fec1917b3f422c67edfa/layouts/sermons/sermons.rss.xml#L34 to

{{ range .Data.Pages }}

It is scoped for the section, no extra parameters needed.

That is brilliant @maiki. Thanks!

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As a side, the .Data portion is redundant in this case… just {{ range .Pages }} would work (The doc site has yet to be updated with this change.)