Help generating rss.xml for Podcast

Can someone help me with the rss feed generation?
My site code is here (this is a theme I am building so feel free to grab the code).

I have created a dontbemepodcast.rss file that I copied from

(thanks to funkydan2)

I don’t understand how to get it from the rss file to a fully complete xml file. What is the trigger that generates the xml file?

There are probably erroris in that rss file but I cannot learn and debug it yet as I don’t know how to make the .xml file.

Any help would be great as I’m stumped now.

I have uploaded the public folder to my server

A couple of things:

  • Don’t put the dontbemepodcast.rss file in your static folder. Anything in that folder doesn’t get processed by Hugo - it just gets copies, as is, into the public folder. (It’s the right place to put images, files etc., but not things you want processed by hugo).
  • I think you want to put the rss template into themes/dontbeme/layouts folder.
  • You also need to give the file an appropriate name so Hugo knows what to do with it. Have a look in the docs for ideas. But you probably want to name it index.xml (because on your site, the podcast feed is the only RSS feed you want to produce).

Thanks man, I now have a fully working RSS feed.
Makes sense about the static folder, I totally wasn’t concentrating when I did that.