.Kind, taxonomy and taxonomyTerm

I am interested in examining the .Kind variable for all pages in my site, so I have included the following snippet in my header partial: <h2>{{.Kind}}</h2>

The site uses a typical ‘tags’ taxonomy. I am surprised that the URL http://localhost:1313/tags/ displays a .Kind of taxonomyTerm, while the URL http://localhost:1313/tags/featured/ (where ‘featured’ is a term in the ‘tags’ taxonomy) gives a .Kind of taxonomy.

Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

(running Hugo v. 0.49)

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It’s a very old debate and it appears you and I are on the same side of it.

Bottomline, changing this would be a massive code breaker. So here we are, using these .Kind labels (taxonomy for a term’s landing page and taxonomyTerm for a taxonomy landing page) even though we’re not all agreeing upon them.

If somehow, everyone would agree on the alternative presented, the only way to fix this would be to create an entire new Page variable outputting this alternative mapping.

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Or a hugo --taxonomyterm=taxonomy flag for which the default can change when all agree.

OK - thanks - I didn’t realise this had been covered already (somehow missed that, sorry).

If this is embedded then I can live with it, I just wanted to check that I wasn’t misunderstanding something fundamental!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You can always refer back to this documentation:

@regis and I were confused with this, so we just documented that for reference.

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That is nice and clear - thanks!