[SOLVED] Og:image not fetched from config.toml


fist let me say thanks for hugo - it’s a great piece of work! I’ve implemented the {{ template "_internal/opengraph.html" . }} into my header-partial an added images = ["https://www.nachtexpeditionen.de/img/og_image.jpg"] to my config.toml to implement a default og:image. Title, description, type and url are rendered properly, but the og:image is missing (https://www.nachtexpeditionen.de/). I’ve already searched for similar topics, but none of them helped me.

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I think you have to set images in the font matter of your content

Thank you for your reply! I thougt it was possible to set a generic og:image in config.toml.

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Found a good solution for me at:

I’ve added {{ template "_internal/opengraph.html" . }} and {{ partial "ogimage-maybe.html" . }} to my header.html and now every page that has no specified og:image falls back to the image from config.toml.

Hope it’s helpful for others - best regards,