[Solved] Missing something with TOML and menu .Name


I’ve a little issue with the frontmatter and TOML
here is my code

title = "Conditions générales d'utilisation"
  name = "cgu"

and here is my issue

ERROR 2017/08/30 17:45:53 unable to process menus for "Conditions générales d'utilisation": unable to cast []map[string]interface {}{map[string]interface {}{"name":"cgu"}} of type []map[string]interface {} to map[string]interface{}

What do you think of that?

Thanks by advance.

For solving this

  name = "cgu"

Unlike the documentation https://gohugo.io/content-management/menus/#add-non-content-entries-to-a-menu

I’ve found an other issue with the parse of the TOML.
Menu doesn’t accept camelcase in the syntax see above.
[menu.camelCase] doesn’t working but menu = “camelCase” is ok.

Sorry for the flood https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/toml/

boolMustBeLowercase = true