[solved] Iterate over time range?

Is there a away to iterate over a range of numbers in Hugo? Such that range $x := 1..3.

I am trying to create a table of time blocks and then extract the data from a spreadsheet, based on the time entry.

Our schedule table has 3 parallel room, each displayed vertically, using the following code, but the issue is that it does not allow for events of different lengths, hence wanting to move to a time based iteration.

    {{ $data := getCSV "," (print "spreadsheets/schedule." $lang ".csv") }}
    {{ range $index, $row := $data }}
       <td>{{ index $row 1 }}</td>
       <td>{{ index $row 2 }}</td>
       <td>{{ index $row 3 }}</td>
       <td>{{ index $row 4 }}</td>
    {{ end }}

A bit more searching shows there is sequence:

{{ range $i, $sequence := (seq 660 30 1440) }} {{ $i }}: {{ $sequence }} {{ end }}