Range over slice

I’d like to range over a slice from an array within a template.

Hugo offers this nice function:

{{ range first 10 array }}
<!-- range [2:10] array -->
{{ end }}

Instead of retrieving all ten items of the array I wanted to retrieve second till tenth [2:10]

Is there a way in hugo?

thanks in advance

I think you currently have to add a conditional for the index (range $index, $element …) inside the loop.

I did, like this example shows:

{{ range $index, $element := .Params.slideshow }}
    {{ if $index eq 1 }}   
      {{ $element.head_title }}
    {{ else }} 
      {{ $element.title }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

But this produces an error:

can't give argument to non-function $index

Any hints?

thanks in advance

{{ if eq $index 1 }}

That’s not how go templates order function calls. You need to change around the order of that if statement. There’s examples in the docs.

Steve Franciaspf13.com@spf13

Excuse me! Read the docs first :wink:

Now everything is working as expected.
Thanks @bjornerik and @spf13 for the quick and helpful support.

By the way: Hugo is great!


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