[SOLVED] Installing hugo behind company proxy

I’m trying to install Hugo via the Victor Hugo boilerplate. When I execute npm install on my own laptop it works fine, but on my company laptop via the company proxy it fails with the following error:

> hugo-bin@0.16.0 postinstall D:\SOURCES\Netlify.VDW\node_modules\hugo-bin
> del-cli vendor && node lib/install

x unable to get local issuer certificate
x Hugo binary installation failed

We can see that the hugo-bin module is trying to download the following file: https://github.com/spf13/hugo/releases/download/v0.36.1/hugo_0.36.1_Windows-64bit.zip

When I try to download this file via my browser, it succeeds. But hugo-bin seems to use the module bin-wrapper which uses the module download which fails.

We’ve tried the following to get it to work, all without success:

  1. npm config set strict-ssl false
  2. npm config set registry to http protocol of npmjs
  3. Using nodejs 8.11.3 and 10.8.0
  4. Using hugo-bin 0.29.0 and 0.23.0

How can I get this to work? Thanks.

I prefer the direct download via https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/releases
The distributions are not up-to-date.

I like this boilerplate because it watches all my js, scss and hugo changes, I’ve created an issue in the hugo-bin repo now.

You may be able to do all this with hugo pipes (available since version 0.43) and therefore use the direct download.

Thanks I will look into that.