[Solved] Ignoring theme assets

I know the ignoreFiles field in the config can be set to files that one want to ignore on site generation, but I cannot get it to work for assets in my theme.

In my theme I use bower for asset management and gulp. This means that in the static folder of my theme I have the following folders and files that I want to ignore - bower_components/, less/, node_modules/, bower.json, gulpfile.js and package.json - but the ignoreFlles field does not seem to cover the theme and its folders.

Is this correct?

It would make sense to me if it is, as one would want to ignore different files based on the theme used. So then maybe there should be an option in the theme config to set files that should be ignored for the theme?

Don’t put them in the static folder. I have an assets folder under my theme that I use for things like that, and I render into the static folder.

Lol, so easy that I missed it… now just need to find a way to get gulp to clean up the static folder

Got all sorted thanks @moorereason

To add to this: ignoreFiles is for /content only, but I believe there is an open issue about expanding it.

I would be interested in being able to ignore static files too. See this issue