[SOLVED] HUGO variables in config.toml

Help me please. I have config:

baseurl = "https://www.ohorodnyk.name/"
title = "Anton Ohorodnyk"

  FullName = "Anton Ohorodnyk"
  Position = "Software Engineer"
  Email = "anton@ohorodnyk.name"

  Twitter = "aohorodonyk"
  Linkedin = "aohorodonyk"
  Github = "aohorodonyk"
  Gitlab = "aohorodonyk"
  Facebook = "aohorodonyk"

  Google = "UA-49106280-1"

I can use {{ .Site.Social.Twitter }}, {{ .Site.Author.Email }}, but can’t {{ .Site.Analytics.Google }} and get error <.Site.Analytics.Goog...>: can't evaluate field Analytics in type *hugolib.SiteInfo
I don’t understand, why I can’t use this block?


Author and Social are special “blocks” that have defined fields and were made explicitly available through the .Site.Social and .Site.Author variables.

If you want to add custom parameters you can insert and nest them as you like in a Params block in the config file. Params is special beacuse it allows you to specify custom values unlike in the blocks above. You can access them in a template via .Site.Params

Thanks very much