Opengraph template help

I am having a hard time working out how the template functions in particular this part:
{{- range .Site.Authors }}
{{ with .Social.facebook }}{{ end }}
{{ with .Site.Social.facebook }}{{ end }}
{{- with .Params.tags }}{{ range first 6 . }}

{{- end }}{{ end -}} {{- end -}} {{- end -}} (

I cant find any information on how to set up .Site.Authors.
Site Variables | Hugo refers to .Site.Author (singular)
it says “a map of the authors as defined in the site configuration.”
I cant find anything about authors in the config section
Configure Hugo | Hugo

I also cant figure out how to add a config for the following:
{{- with .Site.Social.facebook_admin }}{{ end }}

Can someone help explain?

The issue with authors actually comes up quite often, for instance here:

It’s “in there” somehow but not really properly documented. It’s mentioned in the Site Variables page where it is singular.

You can add an author section to your config.toml:

name = "Patrick Kollitsch"
homepage = ""
content = "sitewide/authorfooter/"

name = "patrick.kollitsch.jpg"
title = "Der Autor in seiner natürlichen Umgebung"

layout = "card"

There is no real ruling of what to add, it will all be available via site.Author.

The following link lists some uses, but most of them via the data folder.

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