[SOLVED] How to make Hugo ignore shortcode delimiters; e.g. when used in code blocks

Hey - how do you guys do this???

I’m trying to put shortcode delimeters in a code fence for some documentation but Hugo is interpreting them as a shortcodes instead of being taken literally as they should inside a code block. Blackfriday runs after shortcodes are processed??? If so how did you make this work in the Hugo documentation?

Here is what is in my markdown file

What are the ‘’’{{% %}}’’’ and ‘’’{{< >}}’’’ about

(note: I had to use apostrophes instead of backticks above so you can see them)
here is what is rendering

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Try the following:

{{</* yourshortcode */>}}


Just reporting for others reading this post that indeed works!

Now how could one put that info in a markdown code fence…ha ha…

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