Don't process shortcode in markdown - trying to show raw code

I’ve made a shortcode and writing some notes about in a markdown file - and I’m writing some examples on how to use my shortcode - but how do i code fence the examples so shortcode isn’t activated and I can then show the user what to put in their markdown file … Like what is on the doc page

I’ve tried code blocks and syntax-highlighting but the shortcodes still get processed.


Have a look at these two sections in the content documentation (you linked the templates section, there is another shortcode docu in Content Management):

As far as I understand your question this should solve your issue. If not - post samples :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the reply

What I want to do is include a shortcode in markdown but not have it processed

so how do I make this example show as code/ raw text (instead of embedding the video)

{{< youtube 09jf3ow9jfw >}}


I remember that was a topic recently… Try searching for it. There was some kind of commenting going on. Like {{/*< shortcode >*/}} but I am not sure and have no notes about it. Going on search too…


I had to go with {&lbrace;< and shortcode >&rbrace;} for writing my shortcode…

Then wrapped it in in nohighlight shortcode so it looks better

{{< nohighlight >}}
{&lbrace;< shortcode >&rbrace;}
{&lbrace;< /shortcode >%&rbrace;}
{{< /nohighlight >}}
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