[SOLVED] How to duplicate a widget which has its own independent content?

Sorry for re-opening a post. I didn’t explain things clearly in the last one.

I’m using this theme: https://sourcethemes.com/academic/#intro

There is a section called Recent publications to list all the papers. I want to duplicate it into two sections with same template: one for conference pub and the other for journal pub.

Referring to the tutorial, I duplicate the original content/home/publication.md into publication1.md and publication2.md in content/home/. The widget settings in both are widget = "publication". I assume this links to the publication template: themes/layouts/partials/widgets/publications.html.

Now the thing is, there is only one publication folder in content/ where we put papers. Consequently, what I see on the site is that both sections display the same content (e.g., add a paper into section conference pub will lead to the same display in section journal pub.

My question is how to make the content independent. I assume that it requires two independent folders, content/publication1/ and content/publication2/, to store the corresponding papers. However, I don’t know how to make publication1.md and publication2.md link to these folders correspondingly. Also, there is a code section in publications.html:

{{ if gt $pubs_len $page.Params.count }}
<p class="view-all">
  <a href="{{ "/publication/" | relLangURL }}">
    {{ i18n "more_publications" | markdownify }}
    <i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i>
{{ end }}

But I guess it’s not very related to my issue.

It doesn’t work when I tried to duplicate publications.html into publications1.html and publications2.html for generating two different folders in content/.

Hope I explain my problem well.

Appreciate any thought!