[Solved] How to access disableRSS param in templates

I’m trying to show the icon to the generated RSS feed based on the disableRSS param in the configs. All major parameters like baseurl and title are accessable via .Site.BaseURL and .Site.Title.

But if I try to use .Site.DisableRSS Hugo throws the following error:

DisableRSS is not a field of struct type *hugolib.SiteInfo in theme/partials/icons.html

Concluded shows this, that either the parameter isn’t accessable in my way or is simply not a field of the .Site map.

Only a selected few of the config options are exported as fields on SiteInfo, DisableRSS not one of them.

Are the any special reasons for this limitations?

BaseURL and similar have known external use cases beside the obvious internals. In Hugo I believe it is a case of too much is made public and not the other way around. Once it is in the API it is hard to remove/change.