SOLVED: How do I reference a theme's images?

I want to use Hugo to generate documentation for different ‘customers’. Each customer will have their own styling, so it makes sense (to me) that they would each have a theme. The bulk of the content will be identical, but the images will vary (they are screenshots of a product that varies slightly for each customer).

I would expect that the right way to do this is to put the customer-specific images in the customer-specific theme, but I can’t see the “right” way to refer to the image from the markup. None of these work with the hugo-material-docs theme:


Is this possible, or do I have to do something with a custom shortcode?

Any advice appreciated!


Will each customer have their own configuration file (the config.toml file)? Or do you have a different way to identify the customer?

Unless you’re asking a different question. Your middle example is correct since items from static are copied to the same path.


Thanks for the fast reply!

I’ve just taken another look, and my mistake was simply that I had used a relative URL. Adding a leading slash fixes the problem:

![](/images/screen.png) NOT

… and yes, each customer will have their own configuration file.

Thanks again!

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