[SOLVED] Help: how to rename a non-html taxonomy?

I have a taxonomy layout /layouts/talks/taxonomy.html for HTML pages: it’s a list of talks. I have enabled custom output, calendar and have a /layouts/talks/taxonomy.ics template for ICS files. It is rendered as: /talks/talk-name/index.ics .

Is there a way to rename a slug for the custom output file? I want to name it as event.ics?

See: https://github.com/HeapSpace/heapcon2018/tree/master/layouts/talks

try this way

MediaType             = "text/calendar"
BaseName              = "event"
suffix                = "ics"
IsHTML                = false
IsPlainText           = true
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Thanx. This gave me an idea to actually modify defaults:

  BaseName = "event"