[SOLVED] Group dates from JSON array by months

I want to display a list of events, coming from an JSON API, grouped by their months. How can I achieve this, without changing the returning JSON object itself?

The JSON object format is something like


“time” : “2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:0000Z”,


Some possible solutions could be:

  1. The RESTful API could take the month as parameter and just return specific events
  2. Creating a map in the template. (Is this possible or does exists a function for grouping JSON objects?)
  3. Some ugly stuff during ranging all objects and try to check if the previous month is different and create group header by change.

Or does a other way exists to use the section build-in functionality of Hugo in combination with an JSON array?

I played around to achieve my desired result, but it does not work really well. Currently I’m playing around with $.Scratch … to filter my objects from the JSON.

What I want to achieve is something like:


  • Event 1
  • Event 2


  • Event 3


  • Event 4

Does anybody had a similar problem to solve?

I solved the problem by myself and would like to share my solution. If somebody has suggestions how I can is solve this use case in an easier way, I would be happy to here it. Maybe in the future we have a better way to generate a view based on JSON only.


{{ $data := (index .Site.Data .Params.data) }}
{{ $.Scratch.Set "isMonthHeaderCreated" false }}
{{ range $monthIndex := (seq 1 12) }}

     {{ range $value := $data }}
          {{ $currentMonth := (dateFormat "1" $value.time)}}
          {{ $isCurrentMonth := (eq $monthIndex (int $currentMonth)) }}
          {{ $isSection := (and $isCurrentMonth (not ($.Scratch.Get "isMonthHeaderCreated"))) }}
          {{ if $isSection }}
               {{ $.Scratch.Set "isMonthHeaderCreated" true }}
               {{ dateFormat "January" $value.time }}</strong>
          {{ end }}
          {{ if $isCurrentMonth }}
               <li>{{ $value.title }}</li>
          {{ end }}
          {{ if (and (not $isCurrentMonth) ($.Scratch.Get "isMonthHeaderCreated")) }}
               {{ $.Scratch.Set "isMonthHeaderCreated" false }}
          {{ end }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

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