[solved] Full page content in RSS feeds

I’m experimenting with an upgrade to Hugo 0.19, and I noticed the following. Previously, generated RSS feeds (by default) had the entire contents of pages. With Hugo 0.19, it looks like this has changed (at least by default) to only include summaries of pages.

Is it straightforward to return to the older behaviour embedding complete content in feeds?

Yes, you can provide your own RSS template.

Thank you. Will do. :blush:


I saw this topic and I’m interesting in RSS template with full blog post instead of Summary.

The rss.xml on the doc seems to be broken, it works but does not pass the validation test by W3C.

However the actual internal rss template in Hugo does pass that validation, the sole issue for me it’s that it used Summary.

Do you know where I can find that template to be able to modify it and add it in my layout folder ?