RSS XML Default slowing the build


Someone already had this problem?

I was trying change the RSS XML to serve full content of posts in my website, but, when I put the RSS.XML (exactly identical the example of Hugo doc, just changing the .Summary param to .Content), my build dramatically slowed down.

When I remove the rss.xml of _default folder, the build time turn to normal again.
My website is a blog with 1800+ posts. But, usually it build in between 2.5 and 4 secs.


just a opinion: Hugo could serve by default full content at feed. :slight_smile:

I think it does not use the full content by default, for precisely the reason you are citing.

You can pipe your content to truncate (and perhaps planify), if you want more than the default summary but less than the full content, for example.

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any RSS feed should only contain the last n posts, try to set rssLimit to a value - number of posts per month etc…