[SOLVED] Error: cannot convert type map[string]interface {} to TomlTree

I get the following error:

Error: cannot convert type map[string]interface {} to TomlTree

When running this command:

hugo new reviews/house-of-cards-5.md

I have an archetype (default.md), the reviews folder exists (inside Content), and I have been successfully creating posts previously (albeit for other sections) I’m not using a theme, just layout files.

Any ideas? I’ve had a google and a look on this forum.

What version of Hugo are you using? You said this wasn’t an issue before, correct? Would you mind sharing the contents of archetypes/default.md as well?

Hugo 0.20.7 - that hasn’t changed, I’ve made successful posts under it.

default.md is also unchanged, and only contains:
tags = []
summary = “”
imgSrc = ""
imgTitle = ""
imgDesc = “”

Additionally, here is my config.toml file:
languageCode = "en-uk"
title = "Clouds Thick"
baseURL = “http://cloudsthick.co.uk

So, I just updated to 0.21 and that appears to have fixed it. I’m not sure why it broke in the first place (as I was successfully creating posts under 0.20.7) but at any rate, the problem vanishes in 0.21

I should add I’m on Windows.

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